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Instrumently is a web application that provides musical instrument lessons through online interaction between music masters and learners. Instrumently enables learners to find music tutors teaching the instruments of their choice. Learners can take courses with tutors both at home and abroad.

Finding high-quality music instruction at an affordable price is no longer limited by geography. Instead of commuting to lessons, learners can now spend more time learning.

Once a learner has registered with Instrumently they'll schedule any accessible lesson(s) easily by clicking on the wished lesson and paying the lesson fee. Both private lessons, and group classes, are available. Private lessons provide individualized attention between the learner and the tutor. Group classes are based on experience level and on age. All lessons are created and delivered online via instant video chat technology designed by Instrumently.

We will globalize music lessons and encourage people to learn the essentials of musical instruments.

Our goal is to create an online interactive music platform that brings together music masters, students, and music enthusiasts from all over the world in one place to share their passion.

So, get ready to go around the music with Instrumently, without even leaving your home.
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    Decide when you want to meet your instructor and pay only for the time you need. Log in to your dashboard Instrumently and start the lesson.

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